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Dry Rot in Furs

Dry Rotted Fur

Furs provide a natural beauty that can’t be duplicated by any man-made process! From apparel to blankets and rugs, furs bring their own unique qualities, appearance and uses. However, like all natural things, the hides will eventually deteriorate over time. Spotting the signs of dry rot will help you make decisions about whether to purchase a vintage fur coat or invest in repairs to a fur you own.

The natural oils in hides will dry out causing the skins to become thin and weak. You can usually spot the signs of this condition by tears in areas of most stress such as the neckline, back yoke, shoulders, armholes and pockets. Shedding may be one of the first signs of deterioration. If the skins become like tissue paper, the condition has progressed beyond the normal repair process. However, tears can be repaired if the skins are strong enough to be sewn.

You can extend the life of your furs with regular cleaning by a Professional Leather Cleaner who is able to restore the oils to the skins and bring back the shine. For storage, cover with a breathable garment bag or cotton cloth and put your furs in a dry, cool environment.  Do not store furs in a cedar closet or use moth balls which can draw oils and moisture from the skins. Avoid damp environments like basements which may cause mildew. The safest environment for summer storage is a cold vault which controls temperature and moisture.

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