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We Clean Designer Handbags, Purses, Briefcases & Totes

Remove soil, dirt, ink, and other stains ruining your Coach handbags, Tumi briefcases, Prada bags, and other designer totes. Your favorite handbags and briefcases have served you well and they show it! It’s time to let us thoroughly clean and restore them.

Admit it.
You haven’t been gentle with your finest purses and briefcases.
 You’ve banged them into car doors or set them down on the dirty floors at restaurants, airports and bathrooms. We understand how the leather items you carry become scarred by daily battles and we know how to rejuvenate the victims.

Leather Accessories can be cleaned and restored
Animal skins mixed with dyed leathers are particularly challenging to clean
Coach and other designer handbags require our specialized leather care
We can return the supple qualities to your leather goods

Whether it’s an expensive designer handbag or just one of your favorite purses and matching wallet, Ram Leather Care can extend its life after it becomes soiled and stained. Each handbag receives individual attention inside and out by our experienced technicians to determine the safest methods and solutions to address dirt, grease, ink, and food stains. And yes, we can clean spilled nail polish and lipstick stains, too!

Briefcases can become as comfortable and familiar as a pair of well-worn slippers! So when your briefcase or tote becomes too soiled or worn to present a professional appearance, let us clean and restore it!

Since each briefcase or tote is unique, cleaning and refinishing options will be evaluated upon arrival and quoted for your approval before cleaning and restoration begins. We want you to be happy with the results not surprised by the cost. (In fact, you’ll find our cleaning and restoration services probably cost less than you imagine.)

Estimated Pricing: Leather Outerwear and Apparel

Leather ItemBasic Price

Once we receive your leather handbag or briefcase and evaluate its condition, the following things may influence the cost of cleaning and you will be notified before any additional charges are incurred:

  • Designer Items
  • Fur Lining or Trim
  • Smoke or Mildew
  • Non-Standard Refinishing

*All prices here are only estimates and are subject to change. Please call or contact us for a price quote.

RAM Leather Cleaning Before & After

Leather briefcases get soiled and scratched from daily use but we can bring them back to life. Read how we cleaned and refinished this executive’s favorite.

Send Your Leather to Experts

Leather Tote Bag Cleaning by Ram Leather Care

It’s easy and cost-effective to send your leather garments to the experts! If you reside near our facility, you may bring your garments to us but call first.

If you would like to send your garments to us through one of our dry cleaning partners, visit our Counties Served by Routes page. If we service your area, email us for a list of local dry cleaning partners. (Please understand retail pricing varies at each dry cleaner.)

Need leather repair services?

Get necessary repairs done while your garment is at Ram Leather Care for cleaning. Most major repairs are discounted if done at the same time! We can repair almost any garment and accessory. 

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