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Fur Coats & Accessories

With proper care, cleaning and storage, you will get many years of use from your fur coat and fur accessories.

Keep your valued fur garments and accessories looking and feeling their best while extending the life of your investment.

Don’t let the environment suck the life out of your furs. Moisture and heat can cause the skins to become brittle and weak. Proper cleaning will restore the oils to the skins that keep them soft and luxurious. Glazing will restore the sheen to the guard hairs.

Our experts routinely clean and restore furs of all species including mink, beaver, fox, chinchilla, sable, Persian lamb, lynx, raccoon, opossum and rabbit.

We clean fur coats for the nation from our Michigan location

Here is a sampling of the typical fur coat and fur accessories we clean each day:

Fur Jackets
Fur Coats
Fur Stoles
Fur Boas
Fur Hats

Fur-trimmed Coats
Fur-trimmed Sweaters
Fur-lined Jackets & Coats
Fur Rugs (also see Sheepskin & Alpaca Rugs)
Fur Muffs

Fur-lined Gloves
Fur Headbands
Fur Handbags
Fur Bedding

Does your fur need repair?

We Clean Both Natural And Imitation Fur Coats

While your fur is with us for cleaning, consider addressing any repairs that may be necessary. They are safely done on our premises. We can repair tears and reinforce weak torn skins to extend the life of your garment.

Proper storage will extend the life of your furs.
The summer months bring humidity, heat and insects which are detrimental to furs. Skins exposed to these conditions become dry and weak making them tear easily. Let us provide a safe storage environment for your valuable garments in a temperature and moisture controlled cold-storage vault.

It’s easy and cost-effective to send your fur garments to us!
Ship your items to our experts or, if you are near our facility, bring them to us.

Our dry cleaning partners may be more convenient for you. See the counties serviced with Ram Leather Care routes in our region. If we serve your area, email us for a list of our local dry cleaning partners

Please note leather care pricing varies at each dry cleaner.

Estimated Pricing

Natural Furs

Fur ItemBase Pricing
Jacket, Stole or Cape up to 30″ Length$44
Coat or Cape over 30″ Length$50
Fur-lined ItemBase Pricing
Fur-lined Poplin Coat$50
Fur-lined Leather Jacket up to 30″ Length$57
Fur-lined Leather Coat over 30″ Length$65
Fur ItemBase Pricing
Cloth or Wool Jacket with Fur Trim up to 30″ Length$30
Cloth or Wool Coat with Fur Trim over 30″ Length$40
Cloth or Wool 2-pc Suit with Fur Trim$40
Detachable Fur ItemBase Pricing
Detachable Fur Collar only$20
Detachable Fur Collar and Cuffs only$25
Detachable Fur Lining only up to 30″ Length$20
Detachable Fur Lining only over 30″ Length$30
Fur AccessoryBase Pricing
Boa or Scarf$20
Fur Handbag$50
Fur Hat$34
Fur Bedding ItemBase Pricing
Natural Fur Blanket – Twin/Full$45
Natural Fur Blanket – Queen$60
Natural Fur Blanket – King$80

Man-Made, Imitation Furs

Fur ItemBase Pricing
Jacket, Stole, Cape up to 30″ Length$35
Coat & Cape over 30″ Length$40


Imitation Fur ItemBase Pricing
Faux Fur Hat$20


Bedding ItemBase Pricing
Imitation Fur Blanket – Twin/Full$20
Imitation Fur Blanket – Queen$25
Imitation Fur Blanket – King$30


Once we receive your fur item and evaluate its condition, the following things may influence the cost of cleaning and you will be notified before any additional charges are incurred:

  • Designer Items
  • Smoke or Water Damage
  • Buttons or Ornamentation That Must Be Removed
*All prices here are only estimates and are subject to change. Please call or contact us for a price quote.

How Can We Help You?

We’re happy to answer your questions and tell you about our fur coat and fur accessories cleaning services.

Just send us an email or call: 

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