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Santa Suits & Costumes

Every item we receive gets personal attention. Our staff of experts determine how we can obtain the best results without damage.

Ho Ho Ho!

Keep Santa looking his best year after year!

We clean Santa suits and other costumes to remove all those “kids on the lap” stains, perspiration, and soil! Special processing is used to avoid dye bleeding and brighten the white fur and trim.

Santa suits are a challenge because they have bright white fur and red cloth that may bleed into itIf you’re near our Metro Detroit location, bring your costume to us. You may also drop off your costume at one of our 600 dry cleaning partners in our five state region. Email us for a list of local dry cleaners who partner with Ram Leather Care in your area.*

Whether you have one or a whole rack of Santa suits, we can clean them quickly and send them back to you

Crowds Cheer... We Clean Lions and Tigers and Bunnies!

Mascot Costume Cleaning

Be kind to your Easter Bunny or Team Sport Mascot! Clean the soil and perspiration to keep that mascot costume fresh and comfortable for the next holiday or game.

* Retail dry cleaning prices vary at each shop

Estimated Pricing

Santa ItemBasic Pricing
Santa Jackets w/ fur or faux fur$55
Santa Pants with fur trim$45
Santa Pants or overalls no fur$30
Dress with fur or faux fur$55
Wool vest$15
Robe or cape with fur or faux fur$60
Hat with fur or faux fur$15
Costume ItemBasic Pricing
Full Body faux fur animal suit$60
Full Body fur animal suit$85
Animal Head$40
Animal Feet$30

Once we receive your item and evaluate its condition, the following things may influence the cost of cleaning and you will be notified before any additional charges are incurred:

  • Real fur
  • Additional accessories
*All prices here are only estimates and are subject to change. Please call or contact us for a price quote.
We keep the nation's Santas clean!

How Can We Help You?

We’re happy to answer your questions and tell you about our Santa suit and team mascot costume cleaning services.

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