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We clean leather jackets & coats

As a Professional Leather Cleaner, every leather garment is carefully cleaned in the most effective manner, pressed and refinished to restore color. We can also repair damage and leather rips so your jacket will look great again.

Your favorite sports team jacket or luxurious lambskin coat requires knowledgeable cleaning to avoid damage. The cleaning methods for each are different, but our experts know how to approach them so we get the best results.

In clothing construction, not only are the types of leathers unique, the other materials used with them may be wools, silks, cottons, or polyesters. Dyes may complicate matters further. Relax. We’ve handled virtually every combination over the years and you’ll notice what a difference our careful treatments are when you receive your cleaned and refinished garments.

Leather Jacket Cleaning

Here is a sampling of the typical leather garments we clean each day:

Specialty Jackets
Varsity Jackets
Sport Team Jackets
Corporate Logo Jackets
Glazed Shearlings
Pelle Pelle & Remy

Leather Garments
Suede Jackets & Coats
Leather Jackets & Coats
Pants & Shorts
Skirts & Dresses
Shirts & Blouses
Vests & Sweaters

Leather Sports Apparel
Motorcycle Jackets
Motocross Suits
Biker Gear
Chaps & Vests
Equestrian Apparel

While part of the normal cleaning and finishing process is restoring lost color, you have a choice.  Just let us know if you want to keep the distressed and worn-look to your garment.

Estimated Pricing: Leather Outerwear and Apparel

Jacket & Coat TypeBasic Price
Jackets – up to 30″ in length$50
Jackets & Coats – over 30″ in length$65
Athletic, Corporate Logo or Varsity Jackets$65
Combination Wool or Cloth with Leather$50
Leather ItemBasic Price
Snowmobile or Motocross Jacket$75
Snowmobile or Motocross Pants$60
One-piece Snowmobile or Motocross Suit$115
Leather ItemBasic Price
Pants or Skirts$50
Leather ItemBasic Price
Dress or Jumpsuit$60
Leather ItemBasic Price
Sweater with Leather or Fur Trim$40
Vest – Leather or Suede$40
Vest – Combination Leather & Fabric$35
Sleeveless Jackets – Leather or Suede$50

Once we receive your garments and evaluate their condition, the following things may influence the cost of cleaning. You will be notified before any additional charges are incurred:

  • Designer Items
  • Shearlings
  • Fur Lining or Trim
  • Glazing
  • Down Filled
  • Smoke or Mildew
  • Urine, Blood, or Vomit
  • Removal of Ornaments, Medals and/or Buttons
  • Non-standard Refinishing
*All prices here are only estimates and are subject to change. Please call or contact us for a price quote.
RAM Leather Cleaning Before & After

Leather motocross jackets take a beating on the racetrack from dirt, perspiration and wipe-outs. We can bring them back to life for your next race. Read how we restored this leather jacket to be a winner again.

Send Your Leather to Experts

It’s easy and cost-effective to send your leather garments to the experts! If you reside near our facility, you may bring your garments to us but call first.

If you would like to send your garments to us through one of our dry cleaning partners, visit our Counties Served by Routes page. If we service your area, email us for a list of local dry cleaning partners. (Please understand retail pricing varies at each dry cleaner.)

Need leather repair services?

Get necessary repairs done while your garment is at Ram Leather Care for cleaning. Most major repairs are discounted if done at the same time! We can repair almost any garment and accessory. 

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