Ram Leather Care


We have more than 4 decades experience in Professional Leather Cleaning and other specialized cleaning and preservation services.

You can trust Ram to clean, restore, and repair the following items:

We also clean, restore and repair:

Leather AccessoriesAthletic Jackets
Suede AccessoriesFeather Pillows
Ugg BootsFashion Footwear
Fashion BootsBiker Leathers
BriefcasesSheepskin & Alpaca Rugs
Equestrian (including saddles)Textile Restoration
BriefcasesRedying Textiles
Animal HidesOversized Items (canopy, boat cover)

We also preserve:

Wedding DressesChristening Gowns
Military Uniforms1st Communion Dresses

How Can We Help You?

We’re happy to answer your questions and tell you about our leather specialty cleaning services.

Just send us an email or call: 

(313) 864-2111