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Preserve your keepsake garments and memorabilia with our exclusive Museum Style™ Heirloom preservation process!

Preserve the Memories of a Lifetime!

Preserve your keepsake garments and memorabilia with our exclusive Museum Style™ Heirloom preservation process!

Expert Cleaning
Our specialists establish the most suitable method of cleaning.  Each keepsake receives special and individual handling in preparation for proper long-term storage.

Through Inspection
Each keepsake is meticulously examined.  Inspections are made at every stage of the process enabling our preservation professionals to identify spots or stains that need additional attention prior to heirlooming.

Proper Storage
Our MuseumStyle™ Storage Box encases your treasured keepsake in an environment that preserves it, along with your memories, for generations to come!

What can be preserved?
Any special memory!  Whether you want them cleaned and preserved, or preserved only for items that cannot be cleaned, our beautiful memory box is the perfect environment for your cherished items.  The items will be artistically displayed and carefully secured for viewing through the window.

Military Uniforms can be preserved for future generations Military Uniforms
Christening Gowns
Flower Girl Dresses
School Memorabilia
Halloween Costumes
Ring Bearer Suits
Flags & Banners
Easter Outfits
Varsity Jackets & Medals
Scouting Badges & Sashes
Dance & Recital Costumes
Sporting Gear & Uniforms
Graduation Gowns & Awards
Children’s & Baby Outfits & Shoes
First Communion Dresses & Suits
Childhood Dolls & Stuffed Animals

Memory Boxes are available in sizes for wedding dresses and more Preserve treasured items in Memory Boxes

Estimated Pricing

Cleaning & Preservation Base Pricing
Clean & Preserve – Baby Outfit (up to 4 pieces) $72
Clean & Preserve – Girl’s Dress & Veil $72
Clean & Preserve – Military Uniforms (up to 3 pieces) $80
Clean & Preserve – Leather Apparel $98
Clean & Preserve – Small Wedding or Fancy Dress (limited by size of dress) $115
Return shipping to your home $15
Preservation Only Base Pricing
Preserve Only – No Cleaning (up to 4 pieces) $65
– Additional Pieces over 4; Price Each $2
Return shipping to your home $15

The following may require additional charges. You will be notified before they are incurred:

  • Additional Pieces to be Cleaned
  • Color Restoration
  • Non-Standard Refinishing of Leather
  • Shipping Insurance over $100