Ram Leather Care


Our fur cleaning experts will give your fur garments their personal attention.

Your valued fur garments deserve routine cleaning to remove dust and soil and restore luster to the fur.

Over time, fur pelts can dry out and become brittle. We will thoroughly inspect the skins to identify any weak areas before processing. The safest methods are used to clean the skins and linings of soil, makeup, stains and odor. Our glazing process restores the fur’s glorious shine.

You can enjoy the same expert service we provide to more than 600 local dry cleaning firms directly from your home or through one of our partner dry cleaners. 


We clean fur coats for the nation from our Michigan location

Our experts routinely clean and restore furs of all species used for:

Fur Jackets
Fur Coats
Fur Stoles
Fur Boas

Fur-trimmed Jackets & Coats
Fur-trimmed Sweaters
Fur-lined Jackets & Coats
Fur Rugs (see Sheepskin & Alpaca Rugs)

Fur Hats
Fur Muffs
Fur Gloves
Fur Bedding

How Can We Help You?

We’re happy to answer your questions and tell you about our fur specialty cleaning services.

Just send us an email or call: 

(313) 864-2111