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Preserving life’s precious memories through expert cleaning and museum-style boxing

Preserving any precious garment or belonging begins with expert cleaning.

Our staff has more than 30 years of experience cleaning, restoring, and preserving wedding dresses including vintage gowns. Each wedding gown is inspected to identify stains and potential risks with beading and ornamentation. The wedding dress is cleaned in the safest method for the fabric type and the most effective treatment of stains.

Capturing precious childhood memories is easy with our Memory Box. It has all the same qualities and characteristics of our wedding boxes but just the right size for little christening gowns, baby outfits, or First Communion dresses.

Don’t forget your child’s or grandchild’s varsity jacket with all the hard-earned medals! Or honor your military veteran by preserving the uniform they wore. Whatever the keepsake, anything that fits in the box can be preserved and kept safe from insects, UV light, and moisture. Our unique packaging is designed for optimal storage conditions while beautifully displaying the items in a sealed inner box with window and functional outer storage chest.

We clean and preserve wedding gowns

Moisture & Oxygen Control

Oxygen is purged from the sealed storage environment and replaced with an inert gas, reducing the discoloring effects of oxidation. Additional oxygen and moisture control agents are sealed with your keepsake to protect it.

Acid-Free Packaging

Interior surfaces and packing tissue are made of acid-free materials. It is important for long-term storage environments to be PH neutral which helps prevent possible damage fiber damage and discoloration.

Sealed Storage Environment

Your keepsake is encased in a sealed storage environment which allows for easy viewing at any time while protecting against airborne contaminants, insects and UV damage. A sturdy carrying case with handle makes it easy to handle.

Ram Leather Care is an authorized Licensee of the Prestige Preservation Program. For more information about Prestige Preservation, please click Prestige Preservation’s Website.

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