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Vinyl By Any Other Name!

Vinyl Care Label_wide

The quality appearance of vinyl used in apparel has reached new heights. Sometimes, it is only an expert that can tell the difference between leather and vinyl by sight or touch. However, care labels can level the playing field allowing consumers to understand what they are buying.

Care labels on vinyl apparel may refer to the fabric content as Polyvinylchloride (PVC), Polyurethane (PU), pleather, faux leather or imitation leather. The distinction between leather and vinyl may be more in durability and cost than in appearance. Vinyl may damage easier than leather, yet may also provide a lower cost fashion option. Some leather garments may also incorporate vinyl as trim, piping or in pockets making it doubly important to have it cleaned by a Professional Leather Cleaner.

Cleaning differences between leather and vinyl are important. We have seen many garments made from vinyl or with vinyl trim that call for “dry cleaning” on the care label. Please be aware that vinyl cannot be dry cleaned without cracking, melting or damaging! But vinyl can also be safely cleaned and even refinished like a leather garment by those who know how to do it.