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What is a Professional Leather Cleaner?

care label 2

The care label says  to professionally clean your garment by a leather expert. Can your neighborhood dry cleaner be considered a Professional Leather Cleaner because they take in leathers for cleaning? The answer is “NO”! However, the local cleaner that partners with a Professional Leather Cleaner can provide a convenient and safe way to have your leather professionally cleaned by the experts.

So what makes a company a Professional Leather Cleaner?

  1. They specialize in leather cleaning. This means that leathers are their primary business. A Professional Leather Cleaner will provide wholesale route and mail order service to dry cleaners.
  2. The equipment, cleaning products, and systems they have are specifically designed for leather cleaning. This will include special oils used in cleaning and refinishing, spray booths to restore color and oils, and pressing stations designed for leather.
  3. They will offer on-site leather repairs and alterations

A Professional Leather Cleaner cleans hundreds of leather garments a day so they can identify the best cleaning methods and avoid potential damage from improper cleaning. Check the Professional Leather Cleaners Association site for more information.