Ram Leather Care

Winter Sunshine Brightens Our Day!

Plush costumes with lots of detail need special cleaning methods

The mood of our entire staff of leather experts is lifted when team mascot costumes arrive on our delivery trucks. Everything from Detroit Tigers to fluffy ducks come in the door during a year’s time.

Team mascots like this Mr. Sunshine bring a smile to our staff when they come in to be cleanedThis Mr. Sunshine arrived for a thorough bath this past week. We brought out his sunniest colors and the shine on his foam sunglasses so he will be proud to face the fans for another season.

In addition to mascots, we get a steady stream of Santa Suits each year. There’s a snow flurry of them arriving right after the holidays, of course, but we get a rush of them again in mid-autumn when cities and department stores take them out of their closets again and decide St. Nick needs to tidy up before a this year’s batch of youngsters sit on his lap with chocolate-coated fingers to recite their wish list of toys.