Ram Leather Care

What is Nubuck?

The surface of Nubuck is buffed to give a soft feel

Ever wonder about all the different terms used to describe leather? One of those terms is Nubuck. After removal of the hair, the top surface of the leather is buffed to create a soft feel rather than the solid texture of the hide. A “suede”, on the contrary, uses the inner side of the hide which is buffed to create a raised nap. Nubuck is also commonly referred to as “nude” as it does not use an solid dye to cover the skins.

Nubuck is often used in shoes and boots. It is also used in jackets. The positive side of nubuck is the great “hand” or feel while allowing the natural characteristics of the hide to show through. The negative side of nubuck is that without any protection on the surface of the hide, stains quickly absorb into the skins which may become permanent. Regular cleaning is required to keep these skins looking their best. A Professional Leather Cleaner can often mask permanent stains by adding a little pigment dye to the oils and refinishing the skins. The look will be slightly more solid, but may also extend the life of a permanently stained garment.