Sentimental Restoration

There may come a time when it is better to buy new than restore the old. However, when the garment has “history” and sentimental value, we can do amazing things! This coat had seen better days, but the customer found it perfectly met his needs and wanted us to restore it. A leather panel in the sleeve was too worn and damaged to restore, so we put in a new panel. The rest of the coat was cleaned and refinished to like-new condition!

Saffiano Leather

Saffiano leather was first introduced in the early 1900’s by Prada. Its defining characteristic is the cross-hatch design which is pressed into the surface and then treated with a wax finish. The wax finish protects the leather from moisture and creates a very durable product that can nicely withstand everyday use. Originally made from calf skin, you can now find the design used in all qualities of leather as well as vinyl.

When the finish wears or is marred by ink or if the lining is in need of cleaning, send it in for our Professional touch!

Saffiano 1

What is a Professional Leather Cleaner?

The care label says  to professionally clean your garment by a leather expert. Can your neighborhood dry cleaner be considered a Professional Leather Cleaner because they take in leathers for cleaning? The answer is “NO”! However, the local cleaner that partners with a Professional Leather Cleaner can provide a convenient and safe way to have your leather professionally cleaned by the experts.

So what makes a company a Professional Leather Cleaner?

  1. They specialize in leather cleaning. This means that leathers are their primary business. A Professional Leather Cleaner will provide wholesale route and mail order service to dry cleaners.
  2. The equipment, cleaning products, and systems they have are specifically designed for leather cleaning. This will include special oils used in cleaning and refinishing, spray booths to restore color and oils, and pressing stations designed for leather.
  3. They will offer on-site leather repairs and alterations

A Professional Leather Cleaner cleans hundreds of leather garments a day so they can identify the best cleaning methods and avoid potential damage from improper cleaning. Check the Professional Leather Cleaners Association site for more information.

Dye Transfer

While dye transfer can happen in cleaning items that combine light and dark colors, it can also happen while a garment is just hanging in your closet! Colors may bleed from one garment to another simply by touching each other especially if there is any moisture involved. Printing on a garment bag or plastic bag can also bleed onto garments.

In most cases, dye bleed can be corrected by a Professional Leather Cleaner who will seal the affected area and refinish the color. Vinyl items that are bonded with spandex, unfortunately, cannot be restored due to the stretch in the fabric. To prevent dye transfer, make sure you separate dark or colored leather garments from lighter garments and avoid using printed plastic bags next to light leather or vinyl garments. For more leather tips, see our post Caring for your Leather.

dye transfer vinyl 2

Dye bleed shirt before and after