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Motorcycle Jacket Restored

This motorcycle jacket had many years of wear and a little abuse to go along! Exposure to rain and poor storage conditions resulted in mildew. The jacket was thoroughly cleaned, the mildew killed and finish restored. To those motorcycle enthusiasts who take pride in the “worn-it-for-years” look, don’t worry! We can give it a good …

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Risky Ornamentation

Risky ornamentation on garments can take the form of fragile buttons, laces, beads and stones, or unique clasps. According to the Federal Trade Commission, all ornamentation must be able to withstand the recommended cleaning process. However, that is not always the case. In the case of leather garments, the care label may simply state “Clean …

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Snowmobile Coat Before and After Cleaning

Restoring Leather Finishes

Whether a designer Gucci coat or vintage snowmobile suit, there will come a time when cleaning alone will not restore your leather garment. Over time, the finish on most leather will wear off, scuff or become permanently stained. Professional Leather Cleaners are able to restore leather garments by replacing lost finish. Color matching is done by …

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