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WWII Navy Hat Restoration

navy hat

My father Lucien O Houle proudly served in the US Navy. His grandchildren have a love for the military and their country that would make any “momma” proud. My daughter recently decided to redecorate her living room and decided on old military replicas for her décor. When she realized that I had her “Pops” military hat she suggested that it would be perfect for her living room. I immediately searched the internet and found Ram Leather, read their comments and decided this was the place to send “my Dad’s” hat. I have to admit I cried the day I sent it off, afraid I would never see it again, I felt like a piece of him was leaving me. Linda went above and beyond in communicating with me every step of the way, she even found a site where I could order an acrylic case for the hat and sent the link to me. The quality of care taken with my treasure (now my daughters), is priceless. As you can see from the pictures my daughter was pleased beyond words with her Pop’s hat. It is now show cased in her home with some old pictures of my Dad in his uniform.