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We repair torn leather

Repairing rips in leather

Stop! Don’t throw away your torn leather jacket. We can fix the damage so you’ll get much more life out of it.

The original rip in the jacket's leather panelThroughout our years as specialist leather cleaners, we’ve seen DIY repairs on leather garments ranging from duct tape (always a man’s first choice!) to sewing, or mending with a variety of glues. A common and particularly damaging method is using crazy glue to repair a tear. Over time, the glue becomes brittle and causes additional damage to the leather. Furthermore, this glue is permanent and cannot be removed so a leather specialist cannot repair the tear properly. Also, sewing through leather requires careful thought. The needle holes you create are permanent.

If your DIY repair doesn’t turn out as you hoped, let us put our expertise to work for you! If you’ve used the proper glue, we may be able to start over and achieve an affordable result instead of buying new! Don’t forget … we can also replace full leather panels on damaged garments.

View this example of how we fixed this torn leather panel from a jacket. Our results may surprise you!