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Stickers on Leather

The finish on leather cots cann be ripped off when name tags are removed

While it may be helpful to others at a gathering, that name tag should not be on your leather garment! The problem comes when it is removed. If the sticker is not properly removed, the top layer of the skin comes off with it.

Adhesive-backed name tags can ruin leather garmentsHere are two DIY suggestions to try:  1. Warm the sticker with a hair dryer on low. Keep the hairdryer moving and not too close to the skins.  If the adhesive becomes gooey, slowly lift the sticker off the skins and gently wipe any glue residue off with a soft, clean cloth.   2. Place a damp, clean cloth on top of the sticker until the paper begins to deteriorate.  Gently wipe the sticker residue away being careful not to rub away the finish.

Don’t want to try it on your own? Leaving the sticker in place, send your garment to us.  We are very successful in removing them without any damage. If there is already damage done from improperly removing a sticker, there’s still hope. We can mask the damage by restoring the color in our refinishing process.