Ram Leather Care

Caring for your leather

Here are the best ways to care for your leather garments and accessories:

  1. Always take your leather to a Professional Leather Cleaner for processing.  Specialized processes and equipment are needed to properly clean and refinish a leather garment.
  2. Always clean matching pieces together. If you have a two or three-piece leather outfit or detachable hoods or belts, all pieces should be cleaned at the same time even if not all are soiled. Color changes can occur when a garment is cleaned which may cause matching pieces to have different colors.
  3. Identify any known stains when having your leather cleaned. This will help the cleaner address the stain in the safest and most effective manner.
  4. Do not attempt to clean stains on your own. Any substance put on a stain will change the composition of the stain making it more difficult to remove. Some substances used to remove stains can cause dye bleeding, loss of color or actual damage to the skins.
  5. After cleaning, remove it from the plastic bag for storage. This allows the leather to breathe and avoids trapping any moisture near the skins.