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Chanel Designer Handbag

We get many designer handbags, both new and vintage to clean and restore. It is always fun to see new life brought back to these vintage bags!

Motorcycle Jacket Restored

This motorcycle jacket had many years of wear and a little abuse to go along! Exposure to rain and poor storage conditions resulted in mildew. The jacket was thoroughly cleaned, the mildew killed and finish restored. To those motorcycle enthusiasts who take pride in the “worn-it-for-years” look, don’t worry! We can give it a good cleaning but leave that distressed look you love!

Stella McCartney Designer Shoes

These designer shoes got a good clean-up and refinishing. In addition to removing built-up soil and grime, Ram Leather Care can also restore color and shine to make them look like new!

Vintage Puppet Restored

Cherished stuffed animals like this vintage dalmatian puppet come to Ram Leather Care for restoration. With careful, individualized processing, we were able to successfully clean and restore the puppet to its original color. And yes, this really is the same puppet! Trust your collectibles to us!



Pittsburgh Steelers’ Jacket Cleaned

This Pittsburgh Steelers’ jacket came in to us heavily soiled and well-worn. Skeptical about a good outcome, he nonetheless gave us the chance to restore this jacket. As we love to do, we far exceeded his expectations with cleaning that removed the heavy soil and grease and restoring the worn finish. Another happy customer!

WWII Navy Hat Restoration

My father Lucien O Houle proudly served in the US Navy. His grandchildren have a love for the military and their country that would make any “momma” proud. My daughter recently decided to redecorate her living room and decided on old military replicas for her décor. When she realized that I had her “Pops” military hat she suggested that it would be perfect for her living room. I immediately searched the internet and found Ram Leather, read their comments and decided this was the place to send “my Dad’s” hat. I have to admit I cried the day I sent it off, afraid I would never see it again, I felt like a piece of him was leaving me. Linda went above and beyond in communicating with me every step of the way, she even found a site where I could order an acrylic case for the hat and sent the link to me. The quality of care taken with my treasure (now my daughters), is priceless. As you can see from the pictures my daughter was pleased beyond words with her Pop’s hat. It is now show cased in her home with some old pictures of my Dad in his uniform.


Briefcase Restoration

Your briefcase can be like a old friend that’s shared your life for many years. The comfortable classic leather bag can be hard to part with when the bag has lost its professional appearance. So don’t replace – restore! This bag from a customer in Cleveland had enjoyed many years of use, but needed a professional make-over! The bag and owner are happily reunited for many more years.


Designer Shoes

That investment in fashionable designer shoes can last longer with the right care! These Valentino Garavani, Bottega Venta, and Stella McCartney  shoes from a customer in Pittsburgh needed some attention to remove soil, restore color, and present the right image for the proud owner.


Wedding Gown Cleaning

The traditional spring wedding season is upon us! You’ve put great time, effort and expense in finding that perfect dress for your perfect day. Go that extra step of caring for your gown after your wedding. Whether stains come from the parking lot blacktop, unavoidable spills during the reception or simply going all out to enjoy your special day, your wedding dress can be professionally cleaned and restored. Those tough stains need expert handling to safely remove. In addition to cleaning, consider preserving your wedding dress with our unique storage system.