Look your best for your next equestrian competition!

When competing in the ring or working parades, looks are everything!

A western saddle we recently cleanedEquestrian western vest with letter applique and beadworkOrnate costumes, helmets and hats require special handling to clean dust, mud and perspiration that is a regular part of the sport. Your costume should make you look and feel as good as your horse to impress the crowds.

Is it time for your saddle to be restored? While saddles require daily cleaning and upkeep, years of use may have your saddle looking dry and lackluster. We can restore color and shine to your saddle while removing mildew and salt stains.

Please note that saddles can only be brought in directly to our plant or sent through one our our partner dry cleaners. Because each saddle is unique, quotes for cleaning and refinishing will be given after inspection.

We clean and restore saddles and equestrian attire