Stuffed Animals

Favorite friends from present or past childhoods can be cleaned and rejuvenated for continued loving.

Bigger than any preschooler, this plush puppy has become fluffy again after lots of lovingPrecious childhood memories or treasured friends, your stuffed animals can be cleaned and restored for children, grandchildren or to display!

Each item is hand cleaned to remove soil and accumulated dust.

Even stuffed animals that have smoke damage can be cleaned making them safe again for cuddling by the special child in your life!

Before & After Ram Leather Care

Lady, from Lady & the Tramp, came to us soiled, discolored and torn. After a thorough cleaning, the old saw dust stuffing was replaced with clean poly fill and the ears were relined. Lady is ready to be passed down to a favorite grandchild!

Restuffed and cleaned, this antique spaniel deserves a hug

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Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Animals
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hippie after 1My grandson’s 7 year old stuffed animal was in dire need of repair but I didn’t know where to take it, so like everyone does, I searched the internet and found Ram Leather Care.

Due to his medical needs and us being on a hospital time schedule I contacted Ram with my concerns. I was surprised to get an answer to my email immediately as it was Sunday. Linda assured me that his animal would be made a priority once it arrived and that everything would be completed within 5 business days.

I packed it up and off it went to Detroit arriving on a Friday afternoon. Linda kept me posted on their progress and true to her word made it a special repair finishing the job in 3 days and shipping it back 2nd day UPS per my request. That means they would have had to work over the weekend to get the job completed. Who does that? Only a thoughtful, caring company does that.

I would highly recommend Ram Leather Care. I found them to go over and above on what was promised. My grandson’s hippo came back all ready to give him another 7 years of love, support and security while he battles his medical issues.

I can’t thank Ram Leather Care enough for the fantastic service I was given.

Sharyn: Perris, CA

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