Restoring Leather Furniture

Mom’s busy in the kitchen making dinner and the kids decided to hone their artistic talents with some pens on the sofa seats of this sectional. We were able to clean, seal and redye the affected areas making mom happy again and release the kids from “time out”!

All is not lost when spills, stains or ink damage your leather furniture. We recommend emailing us a picture of the furniture to  Let the experts assess the situation and advise you of your options!

Sofa with Ink Before and Afer

We clean alpaca rugs

One of our specialties is cleaning alpaca and sheepskin rugs. Homeowners and dry cleaners from across the USA send theirs to us because we have years of experience and obtain excellent results. Special care is required because the skins are delicate. Visit our Cleaning Sheepskin and Alpaca Rugs page to see our estimated pricing which is based on size.

Here’s an example of an alpaca rug our animal hide experts cleaned so this unicorn can ride through the sky for many more years.

We clean alpaca rugs

Cleaning leather sofa cushions

Is there help for your leather sofa when a spill stains the cushion? If the cushion is removable, it can often be cleaned without having to bring the whole sofa into our plant. Cleaning will address the stain and refinishing will restore color that the stain or cleaning may have affected. However, keep in mind that the process of restoring the cushion may cause it to look different than the rest of the sofa that may still be soiled, worn or sun faded.

Because of limitations on shipping, we recommend this service for local customers only.