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Fall Cleaning of Feather Pillows

Now that the hazy, lazy, sweaty days of summer are at an end, it is the perfect time to clean those feather pillows! Our unique process sanitizes and deodorizes the feathers or down and blows them into a brand new ticking. The tumbling process can add the “fluff” back to your newer pillows, but as feathers age, they start to disintegrate. If your pillow needs some extra loft, just request that a bag or two of feathers or down be added to the pillow during the process. Watch our pillow cleaning process to learn more!

If you prefer to keep your existing ticking (particularly if the ticking is quilted, gusseted or designer), just let us know. We can also clean pillows in the traditional method.


Puffing up feather pillows

Our standard pillow restoration process will fluff the feather/down through a tumbling process. If the pillow is old and feathers starting to deteriorate, additional feathers or down can be added during restoration. A standard feather pillow has about 3 pounds of feathers. Our feathers are sold in ¼ lb bags; often 1-2 bags are all that is needed to restore loft. Remember to specify feathers or down when requesting new feathers to be added.

Cleaning Feather Pillows

Most of us have a special attachment to our favorite pillow; we just can’t sleep the same without it! Feather and down pillows are an investment. So what’s the best way to keep them sanitized and clean?

There are many websites that will provide DIY suggestions for cleaning your pillows at home. Make sure the ticking is strong enough to withstand the agitation of cleaning and drying. Our process takes a different approach. The feathers and/or down in the pillow is removed and placed into a pillow machine where they are tumbled while being exposed to a black light. The light deodorizes and sanitizes the feathers which are then blown into a new ticking. The result is a “like new” pillow, fluffy and ready for bed!

Should you prefer to have your pillow professionally cleaned in its existing ticking (particularly if the ticking is quilted, gusseted or designer), we can also clean it in the traditional method.