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Two Ways to Repair a Broken Zipper

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[two_third]Ever have a zipper that separates half way up? You may be thinking your jacket is unusable or that it needs a new zipper.

Two options are available for correcting a zipper that isn’t working properly. The quickest and least expensive way is to replace the pull. You may even be able to open up or tighten down the opening on the existing pull on your own. However, in order for a new pull to work, there cannot be any missing teeth on the zipper, the bottom stop must still be there and the zipper tape cannot be torn.

If a new pull cannot correct the problem, replacing the zipper will do the trick. You can even choose to replace an existing zipper with one that is heavy duty or two-way. You can determine the size of most zippers by looking at the number on the back of the pull. A number 5 is the most common size. A number 7 or 8 will be more heavy duty. A number 10 is the size you typically see in a motorcycle jacket. While we prefer to use metal zippers, vislon (plastic) zippers are also available in a variety of teeth and tape colors. Just let us know your preference! If no specific size is requested, the zipper will be replaced with the same size if available.[/two_third]
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