Ram Leather Care

Second-Hand Furs

Black Cross Mink

Cleaning and glazing a Black Cross MinkA customer recently found a great deal on this second-hand fur coat! Her first question when bringing it in for cleaning was “What kind of fur is this?”  This is a combination black cross mink and Persian lamb. A vintage coat with lots of character and class!

Finding a good price on an older fur that suits your style is just the beginning. You need to determine if the skins are in good shape. Common areas of weakness are in the armholes, shoulders, back yoke and pocket areas. Running your fingers firmly over these areas will often reveal tears. If the skins still feel supple and not brittle or paper thin, affordable repairs can be made rewarding you with many more years of wear.

Remember to store your fur in a cool, dry environment during the summer months. Cold vault storage is the best to avoid dry rot and insect damage.