Ram Leather Care

How often should you clean your leather?

You have an investment in your leather or suede garments. Protect your investment with regular cleaning. Skipping leather care for a year or more may save money, but permanent damage to the skins can happen when soil and stains remain on them.

Soil and grease which has been allowed to remain on the skins for an extended period of time becomes “oxidized” and may be permanent. More aggressive cleaning methods are required which may affect the color or damage the skins. Also, certain stains will cause permanent damage if allowed to remain on the skins. Salt and protein stains can cause skins to shrivel, hardened and crystallize (called a “burn” in the industry). Salt used as an ice melter is a common occurrence on hemlines, footwear and gloves. Other substances that will cause permanent damage are blood, urine, milk products and alcohol (beverages, hairspray, perfume, etc.).

We recommend sending your leathers and suedes to a Professional Leather Cleaner at the end of every season or whenever exposed to dangerous stains.