Ram Leather Care

Glue Bleed

Close-up of damage from glue bleed

What are all those dark stains along the seams and pockets of your beautiful shearling coat? Looking similar to grease stains, “glue bleed” is unfortunately a fairly common manufacturing defect affecting mainly sheepskin, but can also be found on pig suede and nubuck skins. Manufacturers will use a glue to hold seams together before stitching. Inferior glue can bleed through the skins over time and during the standard cleaning process. Glue bleed stains may be able to be lightened or masked after cleaning and refinishing.

Professional Leather Cleaners will be able to spot susceptible garments before cleaning and will take steps to minimize or avoid the problem. However, a customer risk may be requested before proceeding with cleaning.

Close-up of damage from glue bleed