Ram Leather Care

Experience Counts!

The beauty of leather is often defined by its unique and inherent characteristics. Cowhide is valued for its toughness and durability. Sheep or lambskin is known for its butter softness. Pig suede is a versatile and economical skin common in many garments today. Each skin type has its own requirements for processing and also has its own common problems.

That’s why experience is so important in choosing a cleaner for your leather garments and accessories. Since leather is our specialty, we have three unique leather dry cleaning systems specifically designed for processing leathers. Skin type, color, soil level, and stains determine which of the systems will provide the best results. Cleaning, however, is only the first step. In order to achieve quality results, the garments must be properly finished.

Loss of finish or color is common from normal wear. Oxidation caused by exposure to UV light and age can cause color variations, particularly in suede. As part of our normal cleaning process, Ram Leather restores the finishes and oils that may have been lost through wear or cleaning. In cases of extreme oxidation or stains that cannot be removed or masked, we also have an additional process available to immerse the garment in a dye bath. This is also an option to change the color of garments.