Ram Leather Care

Ram Leather Care

Risky Ornamentation

Risky ornamentation on garments can take the form of fragile buttons, laces, beads and stones, or unique clasps. According to the Federal Trade Commission, all ornamentation must be able to withstand the recommended cleaning process. However, that is not always the case. In the case of leather garments, the care label may simply state “Clean …

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What is a Professional Leather Cleaner?

The care label says  to professionally clean your garment by a leather expert. Can your neighborhood dry cleaner be considered a Professional Leather Cleaner because they take in leathers for cleaning? The answer is “NO”! However, the local cleaner that partners with a Professional Leather Cleaner can provide a convenient and safe way to have your …

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Dry Rot in Furs

Furs provide a natural beauty that can’t be duplicated by any man-made process! From apparel to blankets and rugs, furs bring their own unique qualities, appearance and uses. However, like all natural things, the hides will eventually deteriorate over time. Spotting the signs of dry rot will help you make decisions about whether to purchase a …

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