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UGG boots are a great fashion statement! They come in all varieties, colors, patterns and heights, with laces, buttons, ribbons and ornaments. So what happens when the sheepskin is exposed to winter’s harsh conditions of snow, slush, salt and mud?

It may appear that your investment is headed for the garbage. Don’t give up! We can help restore the beauty and extend the life of your designer boots whether they are by UGG, Coach, Burberry, Timberland, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, or any other brand.

Here are some sheepskin cleaning suggestions

  • Apply a high-quality water repel product before exposure to the elements. This helps keep stains from penetrating the hides. Salt is a particularly destructive element when it’s allowed to stay on the skins. See our blog post on Water Repel

  • When your boots get wet, dry them away from direct heat and sunlight! The combination of heat, water and salt can cause discoloration and damage to the skins. Salt can cause crystallized stains and may even start to shrink (or burn) the skins from the chemical reaction.

  • Use a suede brush to lightly brush mud off your boots. Avoid aggressive rubbing so the sheepskin nap is not damaged.

  • Use rolled newspaper or craft paper in the neck of the boots to maintain the shape.

  • Have your UGG boots professionally cleaned at the end of every season if they have been exposed to salt and slush. Ram Leather Care can remove stains, replace lost color, and apply Water Repel. You’ll be amazed at the restoration and have your UGG boots and other high fashion boots ready for the next season!

We bring sheepskin back to life

Below is a pair of beloved sheepskin skippers that looked hopeless when they arrived in our shop. We couldn’t repair all of the miles on them, but we removed the salt stains and grime, restored the leather, and returned them to a customer who was thrilled to see his old friends back again.

UGG Slippers Before and After Ram Leather Care Cleaning