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Wedding Gown Cleaning

The traditional spring wedding season is upon us! You’ve put great time, effort and expense in finding that perfect dress for your perfect day. Go that extra step of caring for your gown after your wedding. Whether stains come from the parking lot blacktop, unavoidable spills during the reception or simply going all out to enjoy your special day, your wedding dress can be professionally cleaned and restored. Those tough stains need expert handling to safely remove. In addition to cleaning, consider preserving your wedding dress with our unique storage system.

Restoring Vintage Wedding Dress

vintage-dress-1We recently received a vintage wedding dress from a customer through mail order. The dress was worn by the customer’s mother in 1950 and again by the daughter for her wedding.

The dress had been folded away and somewhat forgotten. After years of storage in less than ideal environments, the dress had become yellowed, water stained and had blue dye from the tissue used in storage. Our job was to restore the dress so it could be presented back to her mother when the family gathered for her father’s funeral.


Vintage_Before1Vintage_After4Restoring vintage wedding gowns requires patience, expertise, and tender care. It’s hard to believe this is the same dress! We were able to restore the gown to its original brightness and remove the oxidized stains and dyes. We love success stories, especially sentimental ones!

To see more before and after pictures of this gown, click through the slideshow below.