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Cleaning Varsity Jackets

It’s still summer but fall will be here before you know it! Now is the time to prepare for school events or senior pictures by cleaning your varsity jacket, favorite college or Pro team jacket.

If you think all cleaners are the same or that anyone can clean these specialty jackets, think again! Professional Leather Cleaners know how to avoid potential damage. Without the experience and special cleaning systems specific to leather cleaning, dye bleed is a high risk like this jacket that was cleaned by a local dry cleaner.


Improperly Cleaned Sports Jacket

Improperly cleaned jacket with dye bleed



Lettermans High School Jacket


If you’ve had a jacket or garment improperly cleaned, give us a chance to assess it. We may be able to salvage it and restore colors![/one_half_last]

There’s an Art to Cleaning Designer Jackets

A well worn jacket as it arrived at Ram Leather CareAthletic jackets, team jackets, motocross and race car suits, high school letter jackets; we clean thousands of them annually.

Dry cleaners often send us these sometimes difficult-to-clean treasures. The difficulties rest in their contrasting colors that butt up to one another. Certain dyes used on the leathers can bleed, but because of our extensive knowledge, we avoid the pitfalls and return these favorite garments to the delight of their owners. Choose the refinishing options that suit your needs and budget. This customer just wanted the body and white areas refinished. If you have a special jacket, we promise to do our best to bring it back to its original brilliance.

See the results we achieved with this Pelle jacket in our Before and After section.