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Chanel Designer Handbag

We get many designer handbags, both new and vintage to clean and restore. It is always fun to see new life brought back to these vintage bags!

Briefcase Restoration

Your briefcase can be like a old friend that’s shared your life for many years. The comfortable classic leather bag can be hard to part with when the bag has lost its professional appearance. So don’t replace – restore! This bag from a customer in Cleveland had enjoyed many years of use, but needed a professional make-over! The bag and owner are happily reunited for many more years.


Saffiano Leather

Saffiano leather was first introduced in the early 1900’s by Prada. Its defining characteristic is the cross-hatch design which is pressed into the surface and then treated with a wax finish. The wax finish protects the leather from moisture and creates a very durable product that can nicely withstand everyday use. Originally made from¬†calf skin, you can now find the design used in all qualities of leather as well as vinyl.

When the finish wears or is marred by ink or if the lining is in need of cleaning, send it in for our Professional touch!

Saffiano 1

Refinishing Coach Handbag

When you find that perfect purse that just fits your needs, it’s hard to let it go even if it is soiled, stained and faded like this one.

The first step is for our leather experts to properly and safely clean your designer handbag to remove ink, spills and stains on the leather, fabric and linings. The second step is restoring lost and faded color to restore the beauty and extend the life of your favorite handbag!

Experience counts!

Before and After: Cleaning and Refinishing a Leather Briefcase

Briefcases take a beating as they are carted from home to office and from airports to hotels. They get stained by spilled beverages, marked by ink, and marred by scratches and scuffs. Fear not. We can remove the grime and refinish the leather to an almost perfect state you’ll be proud to bring to your next board meeting.

A well used leather briefcase can be restored to its original beauty

Vegetable-dyed Leather

Some designer handbags are well-known for their distinctive colors and appearance. Some also use vegetable-dyed leather in their signature designs. Vegetable tanning is an age-old process which uses the tannins of organic materials such as tree bark or vegetable matter. There are typically no additional dyes or treatments used on the leather to color or protect it. In it’s most natural state, the natural beauty and characteristics of the leather remain visible. When new, it appears pristine and evenly colored. With use and exposure to oils and moisture, the patina begins to deepen and become more varied and mottled. A single drop of water can cause a permanent stain.

Cleaning options for items with vegetable-dyed leather are very limited as the leather is not stable in water. Exposure to moisture will cause the color to darken and become uneven. While items combined with vegetable-dyed leather can be cleaned, there may be a permanent change in the appearance of the leather.