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Stella McCartney Designer Shoes

These designer shoes got a good clean-up and refinishing. In addition to removing built-up soil and grime, Ram Leather Care can also restore color and shine to make them look like new!

Designer Shoes

That investment in fashionable designer shoes can last longer with the right care! These Valentino Garavani, Bottega Venta, and Stella McCartney  shoes from a customer in Pittsburgh needed some attention to remove soil, restore color, and present the right image for the proud owner.


But don’t you step on my blue suede shoes!

OK, so these shoes aren’t the blue suede shoes Elvis Presley sung about, but the point is the same! Your designer suede shoes can take a beating even with normal wear. Suede requires special cleaning techniques to avoid damaging the delicate nap and removing color. And if the color has faded, we can restore that too! So keep those great shoes in your collection by restoring the beauty and extending the life!

Green Shoes Before and After

Restoring Designer Boots

Andrea gets her cherished designer boots back from cleaning!

[pullquote2 quotes=”true” align=”right”]I’ve loved these boots since I splurged on them years ago. They’ve been my favorite winter footwear. I was crushed when they became so beat up I was embarrassed to wear them. Never dreamed they could be restored like this! Good price, too. ~ Andrea[/pullquote2]

Leather Boots Get Salute

It’s not often we get to see the reaction of Ram Leather Care customers when their designer boots are returned to them sparkling clean and refinished. We sent our photographer to Andrea’s work place to hand deliver her boots so we could record her response. We hope all of our customers feel as she did.

The die from jeans transfers to designer boots over time. Some of it becomes embedded in the finish. It’s not possible to remove all of it without damaging the leather, but we’re able to make it much less noticeable. We can also change the color entirely, if you prefer. Opague color can hide it. [/one_third]
[one_third]Dies from jeans transfer to leather[/one_third]
[one_third_last]Most of the die from jeans was removed from these leather boots[/one_third_last]

[one_third]Scuffed toes happen. There’s not way to avoid it as you trudge through snow and ice. Salt is a killer and you need to remove it as home as soon as you can. Left on your leather shoes will eventually “burn” them causing damage we cannot repair. Andrea’s boots were well cared for so no salt damage was evident.[/one_third]
The toes of leather designer boots take a beating[/one_third]
[one_third_last]Most of the scuff marks on the designer boots are gone through refinishing[/one_third_last]

[one_third]The heels of boots get caked in dirt and salt when you drive. The carpet in your car becomes saturated with a mix of can soak them. If you remember to wipe your boots clean when you remove them at the end of your day, we can bring them back to peak condition when we clean them.[/one_third]
[one_third]Grime gets ground into the heels of designer boots while driving[/one_third]
[one_third_last]Most of the scuffs on the heels of the leather boots were removed[/one_third_last]

[one_third]Expert leather cleaning and refinishing can extend the life of boots and well as bring back their luster. The leather can become more pliable and resistant to the elements. Annual cleaning can preserve your cherished boots for years to come. [/one_third]
Dirty designer boots can be cleaned by our leather experts[/one_third]
[one_third_last]Designer boots cleaned and restored

Your designer boots will be returned to you packaged in a plastic toteYour boots will be returned in a plastic tote you might want to keep for your designer boots in your closet or car trunk.

Water Repel UGG Boots

We did a little test to see the actual difference it makes when using Ram Leather Care’s water repel service. We had two squares of shearling to represent the skins on typical UGG boots. We water repelled one piece (WR) and left the other untreated. We placed both squares skin side down in a bowl of water. The result? The treated square repelled the water while the untreated square became saturated. When both skins dried, the water repelled square was soft and unblemished. The skins on the untreated square had lost some of its softness and the texture of the skin was more prominent.


Shearling squares dry
Shearling Squares Dry


Shearling squares soaking
Squares Soaking


Shearling squares soaked
Shearling Squares Soaked


Applying water repel to clean boots will help protect against skin damage caused by water, salt and stains! We suggest this added service to protect your suede boots, jackets and coats.

What is Nubuck?

Ever wonder about all the different terms used to describe leather? One of those terms is Nubuck. After removal of the hair, the top surface of the leather is buffed to create a soft feel rather than the solid texture of the hide. A “suede”, on the contrary, uses the inner side of the hide which is buffed to create a raised nap. Nubuck is also commonly referred to as “nude” as it does not use an solid dye to cover the skins.

Nubuck is often used in shoes and boots. It is also used in jackets. The positive side of nubuck is the great “hand” or feel while allowing the natural characteristics of the hide to show through. The negative side of nubuck is that without any protection on the surface of the hide, stains quickly absorb into the skins which may become permanent. Regular cleaning is required to keep these skins looking their best. A Professional Leather Cleaner can often mask permanent stains by adding a little pigment dye to the oils and refinishing the skins. The look will be slightly more solid, but may also extend the life of a permanently stained garment.