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Motocross Leather Cleaning

There are many things to consider when cleaning motorcycle jackets with contrasting colors.

Oil coated the shoulders of this motocross jacket

[one_half]Ground in grime was removed and the color of the leather was restored.

We were able to clean and refinish the motocross jacket to bring it back to life[/one_half]
The sleeves were deeply soiled and showed excessive wearPlease note: Abraded leather or deeply scarred skins cannot always be totally restored. However, refinishing will mask many imperfections. You can count on us to give it our best treatments.[/one_half_last]

Cleaning and dyeing a Pelle Jacket

The results we can get with well worn athletic jackets is surprising. Look at these before and after photos of this Pelle jacket. Refinishing the leather and dyeing it back to its original color can cover years of wear and tear. We make the leather shine again and handle tough tasks like contrasting colors butting up against each other.

We can do as much or as little as you would like according to your budget and needs. This customer chose to only refinish the navy and white sections of the jacket, but what a difference it made in appearance! Matching and restoring colors is our expertise.

Before and After :: Pelle Jacket Back